Motivating behavior change by developing self-awareness, daring leaders to C.A.R.E™


Imagine a workplace where every employee comes to work with the belief and knowledge that they will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. C.A.R.E™ is a simple model of logical leadership and a set of daily leader habits that will create psychological safety that leads to improved results.

CLARITY - Humans crave predictability. If I don't entirely understand what is expected of me, why it is expected of me, and its link to a higher purpose, I am going to question my surroundings and not be 100% engaged. Would more employees than not, say:

  • “my boss makes it crystal clear what they expect from me regularly and link my work to a higher purpose?”

AUTONOMY - The brain is designed to survive, and therefore designed to control its environment. We need to know we have options and the perception that we have a choice as to what we do and how we do it. If we don't, we'll find a place where we do. Would more employees than not, say:

  • “my boss makes me feel like I have a say in the work I do and how I go about the work that I do?”

RELATIONSHIP - We are tribal creatures, and therefore social and feel safer when we have a sense of belonging with other likeminded people. We want to be part of a group of relationships that have meaning beyond the daily grind of work. Would more employees than not, say:

  • “my boss knows me on a level beyond just what I do. They know what makes me tick and have worked hard through communicating, listening, and giving feedback to build a relationship with me?”

EQUITY - When we feel the effects of being treated unfairly, it is the same as being punched. Evolution has dictated to our brains that in order to survive resources at hand must be handed out equitably. We see people being treated unfairly it triggers an emotional threat response. Would more employees than not, say:

  • “my boss goes out of their way to treat me and the team in a fair way, allocating resources to where they are needed?”


No one is born a bad boss. Bad habits formed early turn into bad behaviors that can eventually lead to bad bosses. Those same bosses tend to walk around unaware they are bad bosses, which in turn creates more of them.


Due to the lack of self-awareness in organization and ineffective ways of developing leaders early, bad habits form quickly and manifest themselves into bad behaviors. Once a habit is hardwired, it is very difficult to change.


Isolate the biggest cultural challenge where the majority of your leaders struggle and motivate behavioral improvement

Create engaging differentiating opportunities for your top talent so they feel both appreciated and confident to take on a promotion

Develop people early, aligning them to your values, so they can create the right culture within their team as they get promoted

What We Do


The purpose of DX Learning Solutions is to make a more human workplace and ensure those who come to work for you are treated, as humans want to be treated. In turn, your engagement and retention metrics will improve. We do this by motivating people to adopt daily values-based habits, daring leaders to C.A.R.E.™. We create engaging leadership development opportunities that enable your people to excel. Whether your leaders are early in their career or seasoned professionals, our scalable programs provide them an array of opportunities for all to learn, develop, and get better.

We are trying to make the workplace a better place to be, by reducing some of the ineffective leadership habits that get in the way of your cultural aspirations without budget or time disruption. Our methodology helps us unlock leadership potential for:

If you have never led before, how would you know how to lead humans? We show them how to go from doer, to leader.

A chance for leaders to better understand their leadership gaps and be ready to jump into the next career level

A chance to reflect and refocus their leadership style in the places where it matters the most at this level.

Showcasing the ‘bad habits’ participants have in real time to create self-awareness about the issue, and shift towards better leadership habits.

Aligning teams to a new norm or resolving team challenges through self-discovery exercises to deliver key messages.

Spicing up annual leadership or company wide conferences with engaging experiences that have immediate impact.

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DX Learning Solutions experiences engage participants using brain-based techniques so that retention from exercises is measured in years or decades, rather than days or weeks. Everything that we do is experiential. Our innovative approach, which combines experiential learning and neuroscience, will ensure change is accelerated and results are realized in a much shorter timeframe. In business for the past four years, we have had the privilege of unlocking leadership potential in:


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