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I have a passion for seeing people and businesses change for the better. I am lucky that I get to live out that passion every day and do my best to help bridge the talent gap and build profitable and engaging cultures. On April 1st 2015 I founded DX Learning Solutions with the primary focus of.......Unlocking Leadership Potential. No one is perfect. We can all improve if we want to and given the opportunity. DX Learning Solutions is a leader in designing and delivering leadership development simulations that accelerate behavioral change, and enhance leadership development experiences/programs at all levels. Every great leader needs to know how to execute strategy, know how the business makes money, and be self-aware of their natural leadership style. We have a variety of experiential solutions in all three areas. I have designed and facilitated leadership programs all over the world, from a program for the CEO and their direct team of a Fortune 500 company, to the future of our country at a top MBA School. Everything we do is done with passion and fun. We are proud to call the likes of Allstate, Borg-Warner, Eaton, Harley-Davidson, Kenan-Flagler Business School, IDEX and Timken, our clients.


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