"There is no better workshop than the leadership simulations for current and future leaders to get real experience into the effectiveness of leading others and gaining real-time feedback. You won’t be disappointed when working with Alex Draper and team, as they are first-in-class in delivering a business simulation that pushes the envelope in terms of overall engagement. Fantastic company and products!"

Mary Ann Jolliffe – Director of Professional Development


"Alex is an outstanding speaker and has the ability to be tough and real but also provide the sense that he truly cares about each individual’s leadership journey. Many in this session came in with uncertainty about what they would experience, but walked away with a transformative learning that they can implement right away. It wasn’t just learning out of a book, the power of it was the real life simulation and getting feedback that changes the way they view themselves and interact with their team."

Nikki Deskovitch, Vice President of Organizational Development

"DX Learning was invited by Eaton South America to deliver a leadership simulation for 24 of their Future Leaders in March 2017. DX facilitators are all outstanding speakers, with high energy, and the ability to inform and engage the participants to use our feedback model. This is one of the most powerful tools to motivate the entire company to reach our goals. I have worked with DX on three different events and each time both the content and the delivery were just outstanding. Having the opportunity to participate in this training was an unforgettable experience because you learn how to give and receive feedback in a real-life simulation. DX facilitators are a ‘must have’ speaker for any type of business."

Alessandra Morais, Operations Manager, Eaton Electrical Business, Brazil


“IDEX Corporation has partnered with DX Learning for more than five years to support our leadership development programs. Over the years, they have taken time to understand our business and culture to create tailored events for our leaders. Whether the audience was a group of new leaders or Sr. Executives, DX Learning consistently provided impactful learning experiences through their hands-on, high pressured simulations structured with numerous opportunities for giving and receiving feedback. For even the most senior leaders, their leadership simulations highlight the tenants of successful leadership and by design forces reflection on the impact their decisions and actions have on the business and teams they lead. Our participants left each session energized with practical actions to take as leaders in our organization.”

Melissa Flores, VP of Talent Management and Development


"I needed a leadership program that challenged some of our best managers to understand how their use of feedback and communication was essential to growing our associate’s performance. The experiential learning and the passion and enthusiasm Alex and his team brought to the class exceeded my expectations. Every participant in that class not only walked out with skills they could and would use in their daily role, but they went back to their roles energized and touting how great the program is. I can guarantee that we will be expanding our use of the program to all our managers."

Brian Watkins, National Director of Learning & Development


"Our journey with the DX Learning team has been invaluable and I promote this program at many levels of the organization. Alex is an engaging facilitator and a tough “CEO” that pushes the team to be better – growth is about learning from mistakes, which we all make. The training is very unique, has an intense, competitive atmosphere but is also fun and executed extremely well. Working through a business simulation outside of our everyday activities is a refreshing approach yet very similar to "real world" with a relevant tie back to any organization.

The performance and group feedback allows participants to critically learn about themselves and reflect on how their natural behaviors relate to or drive their typical outcomes. This resulting self-awareness is a game changer for any leader – “who am I under pressure and how that impacts others” can start to change the way you operate in any situation.

The learning from this course can be applied to daily constructs, as well as long term, higher level planning to empower a committed team towards the right goals. I look forward to more growth with a team that is dedicated to creating powerful and competent leaders!"

Dawn De Carlo – Senior Learning Manager

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