“Bring your dopamine or adrenaline level down by activating other regions of the brain other than the prefrontal cortex.”

(David Rock, Your Brain at Work)

Habit Breakers are a combination of 3-hour workshops followed by an 8 week virtual behavior reinforcement program for each participant. These experiential learning workshops showcase the ‘bad habits’ participants have in real time to create self-awareness about the issue. After they become aware of their habits, we bring in the neuroscience and sociology behind why these bad habits exist in order to create a safe space and growth mindset in which participants understand that their bad habits are normal, but can be improved. By the end of the workshop they have the desire to change and the first steps towards best practices. In order to continue that journey, we drip-feed further best practices with 8 weeks of continued virtual behavior reinforcement.

Our Most Popular Programs:

Magnetic Feedback – 3 Hour Live Experience With Virtual Behavior Change Reinforcement

Create a culture of continuous improvement with Magnetic feedback. This is a 3 hour experiential learning program, coupled with an 8-week virtual behavior change reinforcement app, that brings everyone in your company on a journey on how to cultivate an environment that encourages informal feedback in the work place. How we see ourselves isn't always how others see us. Our, yours, or CCL's simple feedback model combined with our experiential learning methodology encourages an environment that values feedback, and thus creates a culture of continuous improvement. For your company, that means increased growth, engaged leaders, and boosted business results!

Magnetic Coaching – 3 Hour Live Experience With Virtual Behavior Reinforcement

Imagine a culture where leaders know how to unleash the inner potential of their teams. Magnetic Coaching is a 3-hour experience for every leader on how to embrace a coaching mindset, and the necessary skills to do it. Through our contemporary approach to learning, we allow leaders to self-discover their current reality and deficiencies in being a true coach of people. Telling is not coaching. Through mastering the art of questioning, we give leaders the mindset and habits of someone who can achieve more without having to show, direct or tell. Our generic experience includes GROW coaching model, but can be customized to your model. Includes a 8-week virtual behavior reinforcement program for each participant.


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