“Bring your dopamine or adrenaline level down by activating other regions of the brain other than the prefrontal cortex.”

(David Rock, Your Brain at Work)

Habit Breakers are a combination of 4-hour workshops followed by an 8 week virtual behavior reinforcement program for each participant. These experiential learning workshops showcase the ‘bad habits’ participants have in real time to create self-awareness about the issue. After they become aware of their habits, we bring in the neuroscience and sociology behind why these bad habits exist in order to create a safe space and growth mindset in which participants understand that their bad habits are normal, but can be improved. By the end of the workshop they have the desire to change and the first steps towards best practices. In order to continue that journey, we drip-feed further best practices with 8 weeks of continued virtual behavior reinforcement.

Our Most Popular Programs:

The Feedback Shift™ – Half day habit forming experience on how to create an informal feedback culture

This 4-hour session will have everyone re-thinking what they believed feedback is all about. It shifts the thinking and behavior from a negative experience to a positive one - one focused purely on "every day is a chance to do and be better." What is considered cynical and judgmental shifts to positive communication that allows us to continuously improve. No one wants to hear their bosses' opinions and negativity, but they do want to hear the truth and what can be done better. The power of continuous improvement and delivery of positive communication builds relationships.

We shift leaders' thinking from feedback as a performance management process, to a daily positive habit of continuous improvement. Fiction to facts.

The Empowerment Shift™ – Unleashing the Inner Potential of Your Team

This 4-hour session will challenge leaders' assumptions on where they think they are on the command and control versus empowerment spectrum of leadership. Individuals want to feel like they have a choice at work, and now it is expected. If you tell your team members what to do every day you steal their autonomy, and they will eventually fight or flight. Arming leaders with some simple empowerment habits on relinquishing control and not having to have all the answers will create a culture where teams are more creative, innovative, and self-sufficient. This experience will show the power of autonomy.

We shift leaders' thinking from one of command and control to one which allows their teams to think for themselves. Ask more; tell less.

The Accountability Shift™ – Driving Your Team in the Right Direction

This 4-hour session will challenge the widely accepted definition of accountability from getting individuals to raise their hand to say, "Yes, that was my fault", to avoid having to blame anyone in the first place. No one truly wants to be the person who has to raise his/her hand and take one for the team. We believe it is better to think of an accountability culture as a proactive process every leader can plan for at the beginning of a project/assignment/task. The leader can think of the best ways to set clear expectations, obtain commitment, and follow up to motivate team members to do their best. This experience will show the power of clarity.

We shift leaders' thinking from having to blame to having a plan so no one needs to be blamed. Slow down to speed up.

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