“Bring your dopamine or adrenaline level down by activating other regions of the brain other than the prefrontal cortex.”

(David Rock, Your Brain at Work)


Leaders often lack an important skill that could be the difference between your company being that much more successful. Just as important as technical skills and IQ are to the success of a job, emotional intelligence, or EQ, has been proven to be just as important. A top trained executive with an analytical mind doesn't make a great leader without being self-aware of their behaviors.

Our Magnetic Feedback program shows how incredibly important and effective feedback is in the workplace. We often are blinded by how our actions can affect the success of the team, which goes to show how important the feedback from others can be. As a result, leaders use this as a tool for continuous improvement and increased engagement that maximizes business results.

Magnetic Feedback – 2.5 Hour Session With Virtual Reinforcement

Magnetic feedback is a 2.5 hour session coupled with an 8-week virtual reinforcement that brings leaders on a journey on how to cultivate an environment that encourages informal feedback in the work place. How we see ourselves isn't always always how others see us. Our, yours, or CCL's simple feedback model combined with our experiential learning methodology encourages an environment that values feedback, and thus creates a culture of continuous improvement. For your company, that means increased growth, engaged leaders, and boosted business results!


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