Gallup Reports state that 40% to 60% of new leaders fail because they are unable to make the transition from individual contributor to first-time people leader (Gallup, 2015). At DX, we accelerate speed to leadership competency by giving new leaders an opportunity to test assumptions and behaviors about leadership through self-discovery in the safe environment of experiential learning.

To ease the transition from doer to leading others, we have a portfolio of experiences that support the leap and increase the likelihood of success.

Our Most Popular Programs:

Management DX™ - 1 Day scalable simulation on what it takes to go from doer to leader

Great leaders have learned from their experiences. If you haven’t led before, you don’t have the experience to draw and learn upon. Leadership Essentials is a flexible one-day experience that focuses participants on the simple things (Plan, Delegate, Engage, and Feedback) they can do to be a successful frontline leader, and highlights the personal blind spots that interfere with leadership performance and helps unearth critical strengths. We’ve condensed months of leadership proficiency into a single day--a perfect kick-start to any new leader/manager curriculum.

The Feedback Shift™ – Half day habit forming experience on how to create an informal feedback culture

Create a culture of continuous improvement with The Feedback Shift™. This scalable half day experiential learning program, coupled with an 8-week virtual behavior change reinforcement app, that brings participants on a journey on how to cultivate an environment that encourages informal feedback within their teams. How we see ourselves isn't always how others see us. Our, yours, or CCL's simple feedback model combined with our experiential learning methodology encourages an environment that values feedback, and thus creates a culture of continuous improvement. For your leaders, that means increased growth, engaged team members, and boosted business results!

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