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DX Learning lives up to its tagline of Unlocking Leadership Potential within organizations. We truly believe the most effective way to do that is with powerful, career-changing experiential learning that encourages our program participants to better themselves. Our passion is to help every person in any of our programs unlock his/her own potential to become a better person and leader. We are firm believers that anyone can be a great leader, he/she just needs to know how. Books, TEDtalks, eLearning and other traditional leadership development explains the what--not the how. The most effective way to accelerate a leaders’ readiness to lead a higher level, is to harness the power of self-awareness through self-discovery. That’s where the power of customized experiential learning comes in. We not only show the “how;” we give self-awareness a much-needed kick start.

What makes us unique:

  • Focus on self-awareness – It accelerates the leadership development journey by giving people a powerful learning experience that makes them desire to better themselves.
  • Accelerated behavior change – People need to figure out their own strengths and weaknesses. The quickest and most effective way is through experience, not by telling
  • Commitment – We’re in this for our participants with a portfolio that can be leveraged and cost-effectively embedded into any leadership program, creating personal career-changing moments.
  • Participant centered – We believe that everyone deserves to learn by the most effective development method. We want every participant in every company to be touched by proven, powerful learning that unlocks the leadership potential within each of them.

We have a portfolio of successful templates you can adapt to your learning outcomes, culture, target audience, leadership model, budget and time frame.

About Our Name

Finding a name was stressful. A friend suggested using Latin. Eureka!
Latin for Leadership + Latin for Experience = "Ducis Experientia." We substituted "X" for Experientia yielding "Ducis Xperientia"--DX Learning!



Alex Draper


Alex has been working in experiential learning design and delivery since 2002. In 2015 Alex started DX Learning Solutions as a way to build upon his passion for the EQ part of leadership development, and is now building an experiential learning business with the sole purpose of unlocking leadership potential in organizations. A Brit born in Worcester, he is now happily living the American dream with his wife and newborn child.


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Luke Yetzer

Chief Relationship Officer

Luke oversees client relations; helping to guide our customers to see the best results while developing new accounts.  He is the point of contact for anyone looking to learn more about DX Learning and how we can partner for success.  He is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing baseball and basketball.


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Heather Meeker

Operational Guru

Heather joined DX Learning Solutions a little over a year ago as our Operational Guru. She manages program logistics, ensuring clients’ needs are met and delivered on-time. Additionally, she leads the charge in our marketing efforts. When not working she is busy raising her three kids and spending time with her tech crazy husband.


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Alyssa Szeto

Marketing Coordinator

Alyssa is the marketing coordinator for DX Learning Solutions. She oversees all marketing strategy efforts. She creates and designs all marketing materials used for promotional campaigns and programs and manages the social media handles. When she isn't working, she spends her time playing with puppies and finding the best ice cream spots in the city. 



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Dustin Johnson

Chief Learning Architect

Dustin designs and develops new products while keeping current products updated as the science of leadership development expands and changes. He is also responsible for the internal HR functions of DX Learning. Outside of DX, he teaches business psychology, but when he has time to himself, you will likely find him on the tennis court.


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Everett (1)

Everett Gutierrez


Everett Gutierrez is a respected leader, entrepreneur, and speaker who has a huge passion for developing people through leadership enrichment programs. He has had the privilege to speak in front of over 30,000 people from various political groups, corporations, educational institutions and other non-profits.



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Jennifer (1)

Jennifer Eichenberg


A lifelong learner, Jennifer Eichenberg has taken her passion for enhancing every day communication to improve performance and build stronger relationships. Jennifer’s educational credentials include: two master’s degrees, MA and MBA, and two professional designations, CTT and CPT.



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Harry (1)

Harry Eggleton


Harry Eggleton has received numerous awards for his training and development abilities,  -- most significantly a Lifetime Achievement award from the Association for Talent Development. He has an MBA, providing a solid business financial approach, and a second Master’s (MSBA) from the University of Southern California for a balance from the business behavioral side.


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