DX Learning lives up to its tagline of Unlocking Leadership Potential™ within organizations and people. We truly believe the most effective way to do that is with our DX Magic Formula™. This 6 step process combines neuroscience, powerful micro simulations, and virtual reinforcement, to create career-changing learning that encourages our program participants to better themselves. Our passion is to help everyone unlock his/her own potential to become a better person and leader. We are firm believers that anyone can be a great leader, he/she just needs to know how. We create experiences that build leadership EQ and create the desire for leaders to want to change, which is something books, TEDtalks, eLearning and other traditional leadership development can’t do.

What makes us unique and why our stuff works: A pure focus on the end user

  • Always start with a Growth Mindset – Every program we create starts with a section on putting learners into a growth mindset that they can and only will improve
  • Focus on self-awareness – How we see ourselves isn’t always how we are perceived. Most leaders walk around unaware of their bad leadership habits. Our programs provide a safe space for leaders to feel comfortable enough to uncover these blind spots and get the motivation to improve.
  • Embrace Neuroscience – When leaders have been made aware of their bad habits, they often feel defensive because there is little room for anything less than perfection in the workplace. We remind them that our bad habits exist because the human brain evolved to keep us alive, not to make great organizational choices. We create psychological safety and acceptance that the expectation is not to be ‘naturally gifted’ but to create a new habit through effort.
  • Allow participants to generate their own understanding – Now we have the participants in a safe place where they have desire and motivation for forming a new habit. So, our “games”, give them a chance to see what best practice looks like, not by forcing what good looks like, but by learning by doing.
  • Make everything applicable to the end user – Just because you now have a new habit which you are happy with, doesn’t mean you know how to apply it with your team. We ensure there is practice of using a new habit with live people, so they leave knowing “how” to enact their new found habit.
  • Know you can’t change a behavior or form a habit overnight – It takes time and hard work to form a new habit. It won't happen in a class. So, we leverage technology to reinforce sustainable behavior change over 8 weeks.

All our programs are customizable, scalable, and non-budget busting that you can take in-house with ease, or have our teams deliver. Either way, we will have a high impact at a low cost.


We are a lively and idealistic team passionately focused to go above and beyond for our customers. We ensure our customers get the chance to learn how they can be better people and leaders, both at home and at work.

Alex Draper


Alex has been working in experiential learning design and delivery since 2002. In 2015 Alex started DX Learning Solutions as a way to build upon his passion for the EQ part of leadership development, and is now building an experiential learning business with the sole purpose of unlocking leadership potential in organizations. A Brit born in Worcester, he is now happily living the American dream with his wife and newborn child.



Anita Laurence

VP of Customer Strategy

Anita joined DX as the VP of Customer Strategy. Her passion to study human behavior within organizations and provide insights to executive leadership on creating constructive cultures helps her do just that. Anita has more than 35 years of professional business experience and numerous leadership positions in executive management, sales, succession planning, and business strategy.



Kristin Dammacco

Head of Operations

Kristin joined DX Learning Solutions in late 2017 as Head of Operations. She is responsible for event logistics, vendor relationships, and most importantly making sure our clients needs and expectations are met and exceeded. Kristin has a life long passion for learning and when she is not at work, she can be found reading, working as a volunteer foster for a local dog rescue, making something delicious in the kitchen, trying to out-joke her husband, or chasing one of her four dogs around the house.


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Alyssa Szeto

Marketing Coordinator

Alyssa is the Marketing Coordinator for DX Learning Solutions. She sets the strategic vision for the company doing everything in marketing you can imagine such as content and digital marketing, design, social media management, and go-to-market development to assist in driving growth at DX. When she isn't working in the office, she spends her time cheering on the Butler Bulldogs and finding the best ice cream spots around the city.



Matt Sandel

Learning Architect

Matt joined DX Learning Solutions as a Learning Architect. His goal is to harmoniously blend technology with soft skills; leveraging the ever changing leadership development landscape with cutting edge technology. His study of neuroscience and hobby of designing applications helps him do just that. When Matt isn’t in front of his computer, he is playing soccer or trying out new restaurants.


Priyanka Mehandiratta

Priyanka Mehandiratta

Director of Learning, DX Learning Canada

Priyanka will be heading DX footprint in Canada as the Director of Learning. She brings 16 years of successful talent management experience in working with Global companies like Allegis Group and Adecco. She is a Certified Training and Facilitation Professional, MBA Graduate who has been awarded as Super Achiever awards several times. She is a communicator, connector of people and a lifelong learner who is committed to building teams and businesses that have positive impact on the world and unleash leadership potential in others.


Audrey Hebson

Account Manager

Audrey manages the program roll-out and sales process with each account and ensures that our clients have a positive training experience from beginning to end.  When she’s not serving out DX clients, she is volunteering with community development organizations in her neighborhood, cooking, or knitting a hip sweater.



Andrew Currey

Research Intern

Andrew is the Research Intern working to demonstrate ROI for our training programs.  He has a BS in Supply Chain Management and Spanish from the University of Tennessee and is currently pursuing an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Andrew began his career in operations at PepsiCo, and, through his work as a campus recruiter, realized his passion for talent management.  His love of learning has motivated his world travels to 31 countries and fascination with podcasts and TED talks.


Jennifer (1)
Everett (1)
Don Sandel
Site : www.bradandchyla.comFacebook: facebook.com/bradandchyla.comBlog: www.bradandchylasblog.com

Jennifer Eichenberg


A lifelong learner, Jennifer Eichenberg has taken her passion for enhancing every day communication to improve performance and build stronger relationships. Jennifer’s educational credentials include: two master’s degrees, MA and MBA, and two professional designations, CTT and CPT.


Everett Gutierrez


Everett Gutierrez is a respected leader, entrepreneur, and speaker who has a huge passion for developing people through leadership enrichment programs. He has had the privilege to speak in front of over 30,000 people from various political groups, corporations, educational institutions and other non-profits.


Greg Stoklosa


Greg is an executive coach, advisor and facilitator with more than 30 years of finance, strategy and executive leadership experience, including as CFO at two public companies. His mission is to help leaders be more aware of their values and impact on others, knowing that more conscious leadership creates greater value for all stakeholders. Greg has an MBA from Northwestern University and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown.

Don Sandel


Don has been leading talent development teams for 25 years, wearing multiple hats, but focusing primarily on leadership development, high potential programs and executive coaching.  Don is a dynamic facilitator, often speaking to audiences around the globe.  He has a Master’s degree and recently completed a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.


Kyle Swanson


Kyle's mission is to bring life to his belief that when people thrive through their work, businesses thrive through their people. ​ He has an MS in Educational Leadership from the University of Wisconsin Madison, an MS in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University. Kyle leverages nearly 20 years of experiences in coaching, designing and delivering learning to a wide range of audiences and industries all over the world.


How We Show Up



Finding a name was stressful, as most names that have any connection to Leadership Development have been taken. We create Leadership Experiences. So, a friend suggested using Latin. Eureka!
Latin for Leadership + Latin for Experience = "Ducis Experientia." We substituted D for Ducis, and "X" for Experientia yielding "DX"—DX. Everything we do is about is about creating learning solutions. So DX Learning Solutions was born April 1 2015.

We need to practice what we preach. We all work hard to form good leadership habits to form the DX Difference. This is how we work with each other, and for those that we serve.

Contact us if you are looking to enhance your

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We make organizations a better place....one leader at a time.