"I was so impressed with this class. It was exciting fun learning. It took us out of our box and made us all take a step back and put a new perspective on our management skills. Thank you so much."

Kim Clark, Property manager at Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc.

Thank you for challenging me at Lake Conroe Texas this week. I learned more in one day by failing than I have in the past 15 years by my perceived victories. -Thank you!

George Prats, Community Manager at EquityLifeStyle Properties, Inc.


“I took part in the Management DX simulations and wanted to thank you for the experience. It helped me hone in on different skills I need to work on outside of my clinical knowledge and gave insight on ways to improve with our team.

One thing you mentioned which stuck out was talking about not taking our leadership roles for granted. I started in the department I oversee as a frontline caregiver and now am in the director position. I am trying to balance the personal relationships I developed over the years with the need to put us all on the right path. The strategies we reviewed were empowering and will help with my own confidence level in getting things accomplished. Your description of the timeline being in leadership was accurate on how I have felt at times. Things definitely will be different moving forward utilizing the techniques you presented, thank you!.”

Adam Brill, Director of Rehabilitation Services 


"The 2018 DX Symposium was an opportunity for me to step back, listen, engage, and open up to expand my leadership perspective. There are many dimensions to leadership, and the challenge for modern leaders is keeping up with the high expectations of our colleagues, our peers, the board and stakeholders, while change is accelerating around and through us. I’ve incorporated a few ideas and best practices from the 2018 DX Symposium that are impacting professional and personal relationships in a positive manner. As humans, we need to dedicate ourselves to learning and seeking ways to improve.

Two key improvements I implemented from the 2018 DX Symposium:

  1. From Harry Kramer’s key note, I started journaling so I can reflect on my values through my actions, my words, and my intent. This has been effective because it transposed my thoughts and mindfulness into a tangible record of my conscience to overcome cognitive dissonance.
  2. From DX Learning’s demo of their new product, The Accountability Shift™, I immediately focused on communicating with more team-focused intention versus project-focused intention. It is a subtle shift focused on how each person understands and can contribute to what we are trying to achieve versus reviewing each person’s role and presumed contributions. We are experiencing a higher level of ownership and communication for the duration of these initiatives as well as greater teamwork to foster cross-functional productivity.

I highly recommend the DX Symposium to any person, no matter your role, as an opportunity to enhance your leadership perspective."

Tony Kempa, Managing Director, Environmental System Designs, Inc.


"We were lucky to attend the one day leadership course hosted by Alex himself. That course was a game changer for me, giving me more tools to be a better leader for my team and my company.

During that day, Alex showed us how we are conditioned as a manager to make decisions and communicate with our team on auto pilot, the role play was an incredible example.

Leadership is not just for gifted people, learning and development can help everyone to become a better version of ourselves and Alex and DX will help you on that journey"

Thibault Gonnet, Program Director for Midtown Montreal

"I was lucky enough to participate in the DX training December 5, 2017.  It was very helpful to see exactly what my strengths are and what skills I can improve on as a manager.

One part in particular stood out for me: how important it is to clearly communicate goals to your team.  The approach DX used to get us ‘out of our comfort zone’ proved how key communication is throughout an organization.  This has allowed me to see where I can improve as a leader and how I can create a successful and inspired team.  Thanks DX for providing me with the tools to achieve new heights."

Jon Schaff, Tennis Director for Midtown Bannockburn


"I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the Coaching Simulation put on by Alex and DX. In a short time period, they were able to create a safe learning environment where the participants were free to let their guard down, and open up their minds up to a different and more effective way of coaching. I have read books, attended seminars, and received feedback in regards to how coach properly, but the exercises quickly showed that I had a lot more to learn to be truly effective.

Their theory on what coaching as a leader should look like was easy to understand, but as we were put to the test in the coaching simulation we could see the focus necessary to make real change in our own behaviors. The idea of coaching by asking more questions and telling less allows us to coach in a way that allows our teams to become self-serving and not as reliant on leadership telling them what to do. I was able to immediately take the concepts taught and apply them in the real world as soon as the next day. I know these small changes will not only make me more effective, but more importantly will make my teams more capable in the future. Thanks again for the opportunity and look forward to working with you and the team in the future."

Dan Troy, Director of Business Operations for TekSystems

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